About Us

VCE Solutions, a division of VC Enterprises Inc., began monitoring and reporting on the Print Industry in 1994. The company grew out of Vince Cahill and Claire Hunter’s design, textile and commercial screen printing business, The Colorworks, founded in 1976. Claire, Vince and the Colorworks staff designed, decorated and marketed fabrics, garments, banners, signs, posters, nameplates and promotional products.

Vince helped establish Newhill Technologies LLC, which invented a digital method for ceramic decoration, and Specialty Materials Inc., which distributed plotter-cut heat transfer materials, in 1997-1998 and continued as an owner through 2010. He also served as President and CEO of Datametrics Corporation, which manufactured ruggedized digital printing equipment, during 1999-2000. Claire and Vince established Industrial Printing Solutions, which distributed digital printing equipment, in 2006.

In 2008, Vince Cahill, Dene Taylor PhD and Patrice Giraud formed The Solutions Group to provide developers and users with guidance for selecting products, formulas and strategies, and analysis and interpretation of markets and market opportunities.

VCE Solutions and The Solutions Group provide services and consultation to companies large and small from Fortune 50 to in-plant printers.

Providing Comprehensive Industry Knowledge & Effective Solutions