• CPP EXPO 2015 [Co-locate with GRAPH EXPO 15] September 13 – 16, 2015 McCormick Place, Chicago, IL

Monday, September 14, 2015

“Advances in Food Package Printing with InkJet: Aqueous Inks” Presented by: Dene Taylor, PhD, Principal and Founder, SPF-Inc.

“The New Success Model: Coordinating Promotion from Computer to Print to Packaging” Presented by: Vince Cahill, President, VCE Solutions

Tuesday, September 15

“Does 3D Printing with Inkjet Complement your Production?” Presented by Dene Taylor

“Adding Punch to Packaging with 3D Print & Enhancement”
Presented by Vince Cahill

“Intelligent Packaging: RFID Purity Sensors and More with Printed Electronics” Presented by Vince Cahill

“Inkjet Technologies: Printing Substrates and Inks for High Performance Labels” Presented by Dene Taylor

Wednesday, September 16

“UV/EB Printing for Food Packaging is Gaining Share”
Presented by Dene Taylor

“Single Pass UV/EB Inkjet Breakthroughs for Industrial Applications” Presented by  Dene Taylor

“Supplementing & Enhancing Flexography, Gravure & Lithography with Digital Print” Presented by Vince Cahill

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  • ITMA  – once every four year exhibition of textile technology

Milan Italy  November 14-19, 2015


  •  October 28, 2014   “Webinar: UV Cure Inkjet – Developments and Challenges in a Rapidly Evolving Market”  Dr. Dene Taylor, President, SPF-Inc

  • October 23, 2014 – SGIA Expo 2014, Las Vegas, NV Convention Center: Vince Cahill presents, “Graphic Technologies to Expand Your Marketplace”

  • September 28-30, 2014 – CPP Conference, McCormack Place, Chicago, IL:  Vince Cahill presented, “Developments in Printing RFID Tags and Other Smart Packaging Solutions;   “Developments in 3D Enhancement for Printed Packaging and Advertising”  ;    “Prototype to Production: Emerging 3D Fabrication Application Opportunities and Hurdles”.    Dene Taylor, PhD presented “3D Inkjet Printing for Production”; “Finishing Options for Digital Printing Presses”; “Extended Gamut Printing for Flexo and Offset is Lean”;  “Digital Printing for Packaging and Labels”

  • September 7-11, 2014 – IS&T NIP30 Conference, Philadelphia, PA: Vince Cahill with Dene Taylor, PhD and Patrice Giraud presented, “Evaluation of Methods for Jetting High Viscosity Large Particle Materials”

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