Products & Services

VCE Solutions and The Solutions Group provides:

  • On-going research and monitoring of the print, coating and deposition industries
  • Consulting on 2D and 3D analog and digital print, coating and deposition technologies, chemistries, software and integration
  • Consulting on print and deposition markets
  • Market analysis for investors
  • Surveys and reports on print and deposition markets and technologies
  • Guidance on technology, software, chemistry and integration providers
  • Reports monitoring and analyzing technological and market trends
  • Development assistance for technology and chemistry providers
  • Facilitation of print, coating, and deposition solutions for developers and end-users

VCE Solutions and The Solutions Group provide products and services to a broad range of industry participants from Fortune 50 and 500 companies to smaller businesses and in-plant users.


Providing Comprehensive Industry Knowledge & Effective Solutions